Tina Abbaszadeh


Susan Munroe


Jason "JRock" Slater

Bassist and producer.

Greg Garvey

Bassist for Mission Players, Dynamo Jones and other local bands.

Bruce Harvie

Mandolinist, guitarist and provider for luthiers.


The Cave Recording Studio

Recording Studio, Palo Alto

Avalon Digital Recording, SLO, CA

Who can get the best sound out of your drums? Two words: Kip Stork. This man will make you sound like a drum god.

The Drum Circuit, SLO, CA

These guys know drums! Steve, Howard and the crew have set me up with plenty of great deals over the years. This is an excellent shop. One of my favorites.

Gelb Music

Excellent selection of new merchandise at fair prices. These guys know equipment. Located in RWC, CA.


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